Is Your Brand 'Pushing Play' On A YouTube Marketing Strategy?

Every minute, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube’s video streaming services. Billions of people from all over the world visit the platform regularly to laugh, cry, learn, work out and share their experiences with the online community.

If content is king, then YouTube should be considered his right-hand, reigning supreme over traditional media and competitor hubs. Yet for brands, YouTube continues to be underutilized and misunderstood. It’s constantly overlooked when it comes to developing a sound social media strategy, and brands are missing out on major opportunities.

Yes, Facebook is a great place to run targeted ads and push campaigns, but the platform is getting more and more "pay to play." It’s transforming into an advertising hub rather than a social space, and consumers are noticing. Instagram can also be a useful tool, but it’s so easy for brands to get lost in the clutter. Plus, the platform isn’t designed to care if you perform well or not. Instagram tries very hard to limit ads, and honestly, consumers don’t want to see them.

Wise companies will start searching for other ways to connect, and YouTube is a great place to start. Let’s break down some key reasons why every brand should be pushing play on an effective YouTube strategy.

You Can Craft Cheap, Original Content

Brands are used to paying millions of dollars to create content for TV or radio, but YouTube allows you to broadcast your brand’s true persona for virtually nothing. Consumers are craving a more intimate relationship with their brands and want to understand not just what they sell, but who they are.

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Crystal Lee