It's Time To Recognize Social Media As The Marketing Marvel It Is

Social media: It’s still a thing.

When was the last time your CEO checked your brand’s DMs? (and if you don’t know what a “DM” is referring to, oh boy). How many people who work for your company follow you on Instagram or retweet your successes on their personal pages? Do you even know who is running your social media accounts?

If your answers are "never," "none" and "no," you can afford to be more social.

Many brands treat social media as a hobby – an everyday task that’s fun to have but not considered a complete necessity for growth, engagement and consumer loyalty.

The reality is, social media should be the pulse of your company. It’s the thing that keeps your brand human and lets today’s consumer know that you’re still alive, especially if you’re vying for the attention of millennials or Gen Z. Your strategy should be discussed in sales meetings, marketing meetings and every meeting that has to do with your consumer and brand identity.

If you’re not constantly asking yourself, “Is this a place for social media?” you’re missing out on massive opportunities. It’s OK if the answer is no. Not everything your company does should be documented on the internet, but brands need to start thinking through the social lens at all angles.

A carefully thought-out social media plan can catapult your brand into orbit, helping you reach new territory and gain fresh industry insights. It can double your ROI, attract new consumers and touch base with industry insights. It’s not just a place that allows you to communicate with your consumer; it lets your consumer communicate with you. They tell you what they like, what they don’t like and how you can be better. It’s a data gold mine – not to mention a 24/7 focus group that allows you to set trackable, scalable goals for engagement.

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Crystal Lee