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Burger Media is a full-service content creation agency.

We specialize in delivering custom video content to help brands grow at the speed of social media and reach target demographics exactly where they are.

Most companies post the same Facebook video on Instagram and YouTube and wonder why they don't gain traction. At Burger Media, we understand that each platform has a unique culture and language. We are adept in the latest trends and market demands and optimize your content to get the furthest reach. We also have a deep pool of influencers that we partner with to drive engagement to your accounts.

We don't buy followers or fake engagement; we have a proven track record of building real brand affinity through developing content consumers connect with. Businesses don’t attract customers; stories do.


VIP Plastic Surgery

VIP PLastic Surgery is FOunded by Dr. Christopher Khorsandi and provides exceptional care and procedures of the breast, body, face and skin for Las Vegas, NV patients.

We’ve been a key partner in their growth since 2016, resulting in a six-and-half-fold increase in Instagram followers (30,000 —> 194,000.)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

LVMS hosts high-attendance events like Nascar races, Music FEstivals, and Concerts.

We are the premiere video partner for the LVMS.

MGM International

MGM Resorts International

MGM International Is the host of the annual NBA Summer LEague.

Our campaign brought 605,900 impressions to MGM properties and attractions in July 2018.


Votiva by INmode is a breakthrough vaginal rejuvenation device for FEmale Patients.

We shot a 4-day campaign in Los Angeles, CA with celebrity OB/GYN Jen Berman.


We know how to humanize brands and communicate their authentic story. Working with Burger Media can give your brand a breath of fresh air. We have the best writers, directors, cinematographers and designers on our team to deliver beautiful masterpieces.

Our agency dives into the personality of each client—no matter the size—and crafts a unique identity that breaks through the clutter. We also travel all over the world creating content, from Paris to Sydney, San Francisco to New York, and beyond.


"Burger Media is our go-to content creation partner. "

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